Turn Outlook, Gmail, and other mail clients into your own personal email marketing solution.

Mailstripe by Silvercrayons Labs lets you use email marketing style designs in your regular email client or mobile device. You can include product photos, re-purposed email or magazine ads, site navigation and other materials. You don’t need any special email services, there are no per-email fees, and the email is always coming directly from a ‘real’ outbox — your personal account.

You and your marketing team decide on the designs. Dial up the intensity or go for a more subtle approach. Your team can have as many templates as you wish, and also choose from pre-designed options. There are no changes made to your email program, because Mailstripe uses HTML styling and provides image hosting.

Add your own tracking codes to see what’s working and what’s not. All images are hosted, meaning that no distracting files show up as attachments.

We can work with your advertising agency or marketing department to ensure you have a variety of creative options for you and your staff to work with. Or we can create artwork from your existing materials. (Try adding your own image right now.)

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